Dry Goods

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Project Description

Another preservation technique developed to store food for the winter, drying is perhaps the oldest and most commonly used form of preservation. Spices, herbs, capers, tomatoes, and saffron all give a twist to the dishes that they are introduced to and in many ways act as the signature for which the dish is known for.

Capers in Salt

Capperi al Sale

La Terra dei Sapori • 1 kg • 6/case

Dried Porcini Mushrooms

Funghi Porcini Secchi

Funghitalia • 250 g and 500 g • 1/case

Saffron Sachets

Zafferano in Bustina

Arco • 12 g • 100/case

Sun Dried Tomatoes

La Terra dei Sapori • 1 kg • 10/case

Pine Nuts

Ciavolino • 250 g • 1/case

Walnut Quarters

Gelfruit / Valier • 1 kg • 8/case